the residences at one boulder plaza

Downtown Boulder is a city center with a neighborhood feel. It has a leisurely pace, a relaxed ambiance, the easy charm of small town Americana. At the same time, Boulder is infused with both exuberance of youth and the sophistication that comes with boutiques and bistros. It is many appealing places in one.

The city whispers straight to your heart, it summons your imagination and each of your senses. It urges your legs to walk, your lungs to breathe deeply and your eyes to lift up towards the peaks that punctuate the exquisite blue sky to the west.

The Residences at One Boulder Plaza are footsteps away yet a world apart. The homes are beautiful, luxurious, state-of-the-art havens that were designed to capture and complement the feel of downtown Boulder.

Spacious floor plans, cherry-wood floors, natural limestone countertops and tile floors and spacious high end kitchens are just a taste of the luxurious living style at One Boulder Plaza.