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By adopting "green" building techniques, the home building industry has taken another step toward producing quality homes and healthy living and working environments. While energy efficiency is still a top priority in green building, there are numerous other considerations that can have an impact on the home's occupant, and the benefits extend far past the walls of the building.

McCrerey Fine Homes, LLC is on the cutting edge of building green. Each home we build goes through a rigorous series of planning, application & testing. Currently, we are top in our class in the green building standards, Energy Star programs & LEED Built Certifications. We take the extra steps necessary to ensure that your home is not only beautiful, but comfortable and energy efficient.


So... Why do we do it?


Energy Efficiency

The benefits of using energy wisely have been touted for years, particularly since the energy crisis of the 1970s. With today's unsure and fluctuating energy prices, efficiency makes sense. Energy costs account for a significant portfion of the budget, and the source of our electricity is primarily from non-renewable fuels. Buildings being constructed today will still be around in 30 to 50 years, and it's likely that energy prices will rise above current levels. An energy efficient home is going to be an asset in the coming years, and between now and then the cost of being comfortable is going to be lower.




Comfort is certainly relative, but starting with a good energy design helps ensure that the home is inherently comfortable, requiring less additional energy to keep the inside of the home comfortable. The proper orientation of the home to take advantage of the sun's seasonal position can result in a pleasant space washed in natural light, and a warmer space in the winter while avoiding the discomfort of too much sun in the summer.


Water Efficiency

The use of native grasses and plants for landscaping can produce a healthy, beautiful landscape that can thrive without using added fertilizers and copious amounts of water. Much of the turf grass used in Colorado is native to areas of the country that get 30-40 inches of rain a year! A xeriscape landscape takes less of the increasingly precious water available to the area, and requires much less maintenance to remain an attractive addition to the home.


Healthier Indoor Air

When a builder tightens a home to make it more energy efficient without also addressing the gasses that are naturally emitted from building materials, or without paying attention to details in the heating system, he creates a potential for health problems that vary from one individual to another. A green home utilizes well-sealed duct systems, sealed combustion gas appliances, controls fresh air and uses interior building materials that reduce the sources of indoor pollution.


Durability and Less Maintenance

Green building uses materials that are more durable, both on the inside and outside. Durable exterior covers and 50-year roofing materials reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Decks made from recycled plastic require far less maintenance than redwood or cedar, and durable tile or linoleum floors avoid the replacement cost of carpet.


Global Benefits

Purchasing a green built home will result in direct benefits to the owners as long as they live in the home. But there are other, less tangible benefits that should also be considered. These are benefits to the community and the environment at large.

Green building encourages the use of local products and materials instead of those requiring transportation from distant locations. This helps stimulate local businesses and a diverse economy as well as keeping dollars working (and multiplying) in the local community.

Reducing energy consumption also has a regional impact in the reduction of air pollution from electric generation. Materials such as engineered wood products are encouraged because they have less impact on the earth's ecosystems. Recycled-content materials help close the recycling loop, putting a perfectly good resource (solid waste) to use in producing durable building materials.


Green Building Makes Sense

It's a trend, not the latest marketing gimmick. It's a trend because, for the building industry to sustain itself, it must find increasingly more efficient and creative ways to provide homes for a growing population without sacrificing the environment and the community's quality of life.

At McCrerey Fine Homes, LLC we pride ourselves on being educated and aware when it comes to building green in Colorado.